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    Character Animator Walk Cycle Issues

    raisedbytheboys Level 1

      Hey Guys,


      I am having trouble with implementing a walk cycle to my character.


      I've created a puppet and he talks to two people left and right of him. I am attempting to use the walk cycle to have him turn to his left and right however I have came across a few issues.


      I have had the Maddy puppet open the entire time for reference but I can't find what is wrong with my file in order to get it working the way I want!



      The main issues include:



      1) He only turns in one direction despite both profiles having similar rigging/file structure.

      2) The head doesn't continue to recognise camera movements once he turns.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Here's the files:

      Dropbox - Jarry facing phone.psd

      Dropbox - Jarry facing phone.puppet

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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          For #1, the cause escapes me right now, but if you don't mind using regular A-Z/0-9 keys for triggering right & left (instead of the arrow keys), it would be easier to assign triggers to those views in a swap set with Frontal as the default, instead of using Walk. Let me know if you want more details on that.


          Regarding #2, notice in the properties panel for the Face behavior on the puppet:

          It found 3 views (good), but only two Heads. If you tag the Head layer in the Right profile view you'll see the head move in that view. Not sure if you wanted the eyes/eyelids to match, but they have the same issue.


          I also noticed that you've run into a bug in 1.1 (will be fixed in 1.1.1), where newly added groups are not defaulting to Attach To = Auto. Once you do that for the arms groups (and then move the origin to the shoulders), you'll find they attach more naturally as the body moves with your head.


          Fun puppet!

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            CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

            Ah, and here's why the Left Profile isn't being triggered by Walk: because of internal behavior limits, Walk doesn't actually know which profile is left and which is right -- it normally figures that out by looking at the feet or knee tags. But since your character doesn't have any, it just assumes the view is to the right. For both views. And it's just picking the first one.


            If you want to keep using the Walk behavior for view-triggering, just add properly located Toe- and Heel-tagged handles to the character's right foot in the Left Profile view. That will be enough for Walk to figure out that that's a left profile view, and then it will be shown with the left arrow.

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              raisedbytheboys Level 1

              The effort you put into creating an answer is much appreciated!


              You and the Adobe team are doing amazing things!

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                jonnymackjackson Level 1

                Thought I should add to this thread--I was having the same issues, but I couldn't figure out how to "tag" the head layer. Then I noticed that maybe the whole layer needed to be tagged as "frontal" view--which worked. I had my frontal view labeled in AI as "default" (which you said to do in the June Tips and Tricks episode). I guess in order for it to be automatically tagged as "frontal", the whole layer needs to be named that in AI or PSD?


                Now I just have to figure out why my three triggers won't work simultaneously when pressing the left or right arrow key...