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    Can we use webservice with AIR?

      1st i like to tell you what I have to do?
      I am using Adobe air with HTML/JS and Database is SQLite.

      I have made a form in AIR with some fields.
      I have to populate all the fields of that form with the values stored in database(SQLite).
      [ "I also don't know how to fetch data from database and put that all data to their perticular fields"].
      ["I Can Insert and Update Data"]
      [Has anyone have example or code for this?]

      Now as I have to create a webservice which brings data from(SQL server 2005) and then that data to be stored on other server SQLite. -> [Is this Possible]?

      The data is fetched from the other server(SQL server 2005). and then with help of webservice this is been stored to the AIR application's Database(SQLite).
      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
      I hope you are getting it !!

      So, Please guide me and don't forget to give some code example to fetch data from database(SQLite) and store all that to their particular fields(Controls).
      So please help me.