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    Import to Lightroom CC before import to Classic


      Maybe someone can help with this scenario.


      I am using Lightroom Classic on the  Windows 10 desktop with an extensive catalog, and have Lightroom CC on my Android tablet and other devices. They are linked/synchronised, and I have a few collections available in CC.


      If I'm out taking photos and import some or many to Lightroom CC on some device during the day, when I get home Lightroom Classic refuses to import those photos until I have removed them from the catalog where Lightroom CC put them.


      I don't want to have to do some manual reconciliation process every time just because I wanted to use photos via Lightroom CC before I got home.


      Can I import photos to Lightroom CC, and then have it allow me to duplicate those photos in the catalog later when I can get the memory card into the desktop PC? Maybe I am missing some setting that will fix this.


      Thanks in anticipation


      Mark H

      Huonville Tasmania