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    How to complete and submit Acrobat forms in IOS environments?


      I have developed and distributed an Adobe Acrobat DC form that works fine on the Windows platform (perfectly in Outlook, some challenges in IE, more in Chrome) and on Macs using Safari (when bypassing Preview).  However, none of the users can complete forms in the IOS environment, both on iPads and iPhones.  Even when opening the form in the most current version of Acrobat Reader in IOS, the purple banner with the Highlight and Submit buttons does not show.  This has been reported regardless of which version of IOS is being used, and I can replicate the problem on my own IOS device running IOS v11.1.2 and Acrobat v17.10.32


      Is there some way, short of hard-coding a Submit button into the form, to utilize the inherent features of Acrobat DC for these kinds of forms on IOS devices?  Am I missing something in the method of opening attachments?


      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.