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    Disappearing topic

      I am authoring WebHelp using the RH7 demo until our licensed version arrives. I just had a topic totally disappear! By disappear I mean, in the blink of an eye no content in the Design enviroment, no HTML, even content authored yesterday is gone. The topic contained text, graphics, and one DHTML drop-down text. I am working on a 2 week old Dell Precision 490 with over 2GB of physical memory available and running WinXP Pro/SP2.

      Has anyone else experienced this? Does it have anything to do with working with the demo? I have used the strategy of starting a project using the demo until the purchased version arrives without problems before.

      Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          The trial and the full version only have one difference, the trial is limited to 30 days use.

          Is your project on a network drive? You must work locally and backup to the network, unless you are using source control. Occasionally you might get a blank topic but that is usually restored by restarting RH. I haven't seen that problem now for a long time so maybe the patch fixed it. Did you install the patch? See the Help menu.

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            ggrtech Level 1
            Thanks for your reply. The project and the application are both on the local drive. The problem, so far, only effects one topic. I have imported the topic from a backup and find that, initially, the HTML displays but when I move to the Design tab nothing displays and when I move back to the HTML tab the HTML is gone. I haven't seen phenomena like this since RH3 and I'm totally puzzled as to the cause.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              As it is only one topic, would it not be quicker to just recreate it?

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                HKabaker Level 2
                If there is a major garble in html or js code, under some circumstances RH will not recognize anything from that point on. Maybe it's trying to find the end of an expression that simply can't work. On closing the topic, RH discards everything after the bad code. Or maybe the entire contents of the file.


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                  ggrtech Level 1
                  We finally found what was wrong with the disappearing topic. We found nested <div> tags, tags within another set of <div> tags something like this:<div>attributes<robohelp><div>attributes</div></robohelp></div>. Once removed the topic stopped disappearing.