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    Can't deactivate Photoshop cs4 (Polish).


      Can't deactivate Photoshop CS4 (Polish), I get "can't connect" error. Support was unable to do anything and pushed it to senior support. Here is the problem though. I was about to build new machine and I do not feel like waiting days because of major incompetence.


      Why incompetence? Apparently someone forgot about central european region. During 2 hours long exchange with support I was told to reinstall with installer from the web. Here is the thing I discovered. There is no installer with polish version (or any other country from that region). I did some looking through files in all european installers from your web. Various languages there, but no polish or other CE countries and serial simply doesn't work. Since someone forgot about working installers for CE then I am safe to guess that someone also forgot about CE in serials database. Just a guess though.


      In the past deactivation worked without a problem, including on this machine. I did went  and checked my connection to adobe servers, hosts files in windows folder etc. Everything works fine so the problem is database.