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    After updating ADE to v4.5.7.179634, images in my ebook show as "TV static".

    williamh52502845 Level 1

      The ebook is a PDF downloaded by opening a ".acsm" file in ADE.  (The ebook was from Against the Clock's website, by the way.)  It can't be opened in Adobe Acrobat DC.  Is/Has anyone else having/had this issue?  If so, have you found a solution?  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling ADE, as well as re-downloading the ebook using the original ".acsm" file.  The ebook appeared correctly before the update.


      I have an older install file sitting on my computer, so, for now, I've downgraded to v4.5.6.177148, which doesn't have the problem.  However, I'd still like an answer to this question.