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    Creative Cloud Assets Stuck on Checking for Update (Mac)

    BrightFX Level 1

      Started working at a new location and their Mac looks to have had multiple versions of the adobe software installed over the years... I installed my creative cloud account here since I will be doing design for them. The programs worked but never would shut down properly. I would end up having to do a force quit to get them to shut down all the way and creative cloud assets never worked. So I decided to waste this morning seeing if I could finally get all this fixed. What I have tried so far:


      Reinstalling the Creative Cloud program.

      Deleting the OOBE folder and reinstalling the Creative Cloud program.

      Downloading the CC Cleaner and using it delete everything adobe (along with manually deleting ANYTHING that said adobe in the name) Scorched earth policy .

      Reinstalled the Creative Cloud installer... every tab works... except ASSETS... Still stuck on checking for Update...


      It is letting me re-download all the apps no problem but the one thing I need...for it to sync the typekit fonts DOES NOT WORK since I can never get to that setting because it is stuck saying "Checking for update".


      I also went assets.adobe.com via the browser and deleted all my assets. Thinking it might be clogging up the works. Still no luck.