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    Crazy slow upload in lightroom cc desktop

    planetf1 Level 1

      I am struggling with lightroom cc upload speed.


      I have a 21 Mbps (measured) upload performance on cable broadband at home. This is pretty consistent, and supported by uploads to sites like icloud, crashplan, work (vpn).


      I am based in the UK


      A number of weeks back (3+) I started a migration of my catalog (around 0.5TB) from lightroom classic to lightroom CC. I still have over 15kimages to upload (of over 100k), but see the upload is amazingly slow . I have traffic stats generated on my router and can see the current upload is < 0.01Mbps. The last day I've perhaps uploaded 3GB, whilst if I run a big backup or similar I can do 10s, even 100sGB (I pretty much get zero throttling)


      I have to say I'm very disappointed thus far in what CC offers. I'm a month in and have got zero value thus far. The application needs too much c: space, has been buggy, doesn't checkpoint in the early stages of migrating, uploads ridiculously slowly, loses features like face detection, mobile upload is clunky, silly messages about being restricted to two devices. An awful experience. I really expected better

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What were you using before you chose Lightroom CC? What was your motivation for choosing Lightroom CC?

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            planetf1 Level 1

            I'd been using lightroom classic for a reasonable number of years. purely as an amateur to help catalog my photos. Initially these were mostly from my DSLR, but in recent years I've used my dslr less, and iPhone (7 plus) more.  some lifestyle changes too... so I was close to abandoning lightroom and just going with local disk hierarchy, open source editing & cloud backup.


            Then lightroom cc was announced and it seemed a good match for what I now do.. hence why I jumped in. On the surface of it it sounds spot on what I'd like. Edit/catalog from ANYWHERE (surface, phone, laptop, desktop), sadly there's some disappointments in the delivery

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Judging from where you are coming from, it would seem that the new Lightroom CC would be absolutely tailored for what you want to do. Personally, I cannot use the new iPhone technologies. I won't go into detail, but I just cannot. I have my dSLR that I enjoy, and that's about it. I have played with the new Lightroom CC a bit, but Lightroom Classic CC is much more to my liking. I think Lightroom CC will eventually be very usable, but it is probably going to take some time and some refining both on Adobe's part and on the part of the users as they fully understand how to use and fully implement cloud technology. In the meantime, I suspect there is going to be a lot of frustrating moments.

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                283820 Level 1

                Jeeezzz... It's like 30-40 photos per hour and 1000 photos to go. And every time with some pictures not uploaded and "original corrupted", which is BS.

                I *really* like the new interface and the new, simpler flow. I never needed all features of "Classic" so I moved on. But this is unusable... I'm close to call them and ask for refund.

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                  tinylion_uk Level 2

                  i totally agree. im still waiting for everything of mine to upload and sync. seeing as this is the main reason for this application it seems crazy that it works so badly. i've been sitting waiting and waiting for uploads. its really gotten my down. not having any reply from adobe isnt great either. would be nice to have some feedback on this.


                  has anyone any ideas on things we can do ourselves to speed things up?


                  i think adobe need to talk us regarding this though.


                  happy holidays everyone.

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                    283820 Level 1

                    I actually left them feedback via the lightroom web page. Login to lightroom.adobe.com -> Lr icon -> Send feedback (or something).

                    I let the steam out there. Hope someone reads it.

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                      There could be many reasons for your upload to slow down. Some mad be due to Adobe but many are due to various other reasons. I had the same concern when uploading. I only had 10,200 photos at 160G but it seemed like forever to upload. I started an upload early in the morning, let it run all day and night, and found it had completely stalled sometime during the evening. Once I got it started again, it seemed very slow. I contacted Adobe and shared my PC with the technician. He could find nothing wrong and the upload was progressing. After the call, I rebooted then monitored the the transfer rate which was now using my available bandwidth (12MBPS). At that time I had 6,000 more photos to go. The upload eventually finished in the calculated time @ 12MBPS.


                      After all was done, I really liked the interface and the workflow but sorely missed several features not in LR CC. Additionally, I had chosen to keep the originals on my PC. However, LR CC did not use my original location but copied all the photos to another location thereby doubling my space used. That is not a problem because I have plenty of space but what I did not like is the original LR CC Classic photos were now disassociated from the ones in LR CC. Anything I did in LR CC Classic was not reflected in LR CC and vice-versa.


                      I seriously like and use features in LR CC Classic which are missing in LR CC and have decided to revert back to LR CC Classic until Adobe can include those in LR CC.

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                        Has anyone managed to solve the uploading problem yet?



                        I have the same issue where uploading has ground to a halt, yet with super-fast broadband.

                        I called Adobe technical support and they told me to sign out and then in again which got things going again but then ground to a halt again.

                        Originally tried to upload 10,000 images (mixture of JPEG and RAW), then tried deleting one folder which had the bulk of the images as thought this may be causing the traffic jam. But for some reason LR CC desktop version seems to think it still needs to sync these files!



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                          Hello friends,
                          if you are dissatisfied with the upload ... wait for the download.
                          I have a 200 Mbps constant broadband connection at home. For my 56,000 images with about 800 GB, Lightroom CC took more than three weeks for the migration. For 3 weeks now I try to resynch the pictures from the cloud on a new computer in Lightroom classic in a new catalog. Lightroom classic has currently synchronized 14,000 images of 56.00 images. It is estimated that synchronization will take at least another 12 weeks.

                          I think Adoba is by far the slowest cloud storage in the world and for the price also the most expensive.


                          Absolutely correct what you say, but you can continue to use Lightroom Classic and also use the features in the cloud by creating a new catalog in LL Classic after the migration and resynch the images from the cloud with Lightroom Classic again. The only problem is that the download takes about 10  times longer than the upload.

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                            KentSpain85 Level 1

                            I'm having the same issue. I just got back from my vacation and I added 1,800 pictures to the library. When I shoot 20-30, I don't notice the upload since between tagging and such it gets them all, now I've done all my tagging and everything and I still have 1,200 more to upload! It's been hours! I have a 600mb upload / download fiber optic connection, so it's not my connection. This is a big issue because I'd like to get off my desktop and continue doing other things. I've restarted both Lightroom and my PC, and router just in case (not the issue).


                            Adobe, please fix this issue.