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    Crazy slow upload in lightroom cc desktop


      I am struggling with lightroom cc upload speed.


      I have a 21 Mbps (measured) upload performance on cable broadband at home. This is pretty consistent, and supported by uploads to sites like icloud, crashplan, work (vpn).


      I am based in the UK


      A number of weeks back (3+) I started a migration of my catalog (around 0.5TB) from lightroom classic to lightroom CC. I still have over 15kimages to upload (of over 100k), but see the upload is amazingly slow . I have traffic stats generated on my router and can see the current upload is < 0.01Mbps. The last day I've perhaps uploaded 3GB, whilst if I run a big backup or similar I can do 10s, even 100sGB (I pretty much get zero throttling)


      I have to say I'm very disappointed thus far in what CC offers. I'm a month in and have got zero value thus far. The application needs too much c: space, has been buggy, doesn't checkpoint in the early stages of migrating, uploads ridiculously slowly, loses features like face detection, mobile upload is clunky, silly messages about being restricted to two devices. An awful experience. I really expected better

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What were you using before you chose Lightroom CC? What was your motivation for choosing Lightroom CC?

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            planetf1 Level 1

            I'd been using lightroom classic for a reasonable number of years. purely as an amateur to help catalog my photos. Initially these were mostly from my DSLR, but in recent years I've used my dslr less, and iPhone (7 plus) more.  some lifestyle changes too... so I was close to abandoning lightroom and just going with local disk hierarchy, open source editing & cloud backup.


            Then lightroom cc was announced and it seemed a good match for what I now do.. hence why I jumped in. On the surface of it it sounds spot on what I'd like. Edit/catalog from ANYWHERE (surface, phone, laptop, desktop), sadly there's some disappointments in the delivery

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Judging from where you are coming from, it would seem that the new Lightroom CC would be absolutely tailored for what you want to do. Personally, I cannot use the new iPhone technologies. I won't go into detail, but I just cannot. I have my dSLR that I enjoy, and that's about it. I have played with the new Lightroom CC a bit, but Lightroom Classic CC is much more to my liking. I think Lightroom CC will eventually be very usable, but it is probably going to take some time and some refining both on Adobe's part and on the part of the users as they fully understand how to use and fully implement cloud technology. In the meantime, I suspect there is going to be a lot of frustrating moments.