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    Preloader and Loading External Flash issue

    ttdevelop Level 1
      Source File: http://cratle7.googlepages.com/loader.fla
      View Swf File: http://cratle7.googlepages.com/loader.html

      I need to start an ad from Mochiads in the first frame and then load a game in the second frame.

      The current issues are:

      1. After loading the ads, the movie runs into infinite loop, not going to the second frame even if I use the following for the first keyFrame:
      MochiAd.showPreGameAd({id:"a87e30e0c9917e13", res:"314x224"});
      "load" is the label for second frame.

      2. The game loaded into the swf file has problem with its preloader. Basically it runs forever without an ending.It is running in infinite loop while the original swf being loaded is working properly if I access its url alone.
      The problem can be seen at http://cratle7.googlepages.com/loader2.swf