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    Triggering Pre-recorded Responses for Livestream Comments


      We are setting up a YouTube or Facebook livestream program that has our character responding to comments. When a comment is made, we know that we can give a live response. However, is it possible to trigger pre-recorded responses to expected live comments? Any advice appreciated.

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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          Right now, for built-in support, you're limited to triggering pre-drawn animations using Cycle Layers.


          You might think you could record some canned responses on the timeline, and then play that back during a live performance, and indeed it will stream that, but it would be hard to stop the character from jumping when starting/stopping the playback, not to mention figuring out quickly enough which time to jump to.


          You could use a 3rd party app (e.g. https://soundplant.org/ ) to trigger audio cues based on key/midi presses, which will show up on lip sync if routed so that Ch can hear them. Combined with my first suggestion you might be able to do what you need.


          For a real solution, we plan to make takes triggerable, including audio. Can't give you a date on that though.