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    Major Issues with Lightroom CC


      A few weeks after release, I prepared my Lightroom Library, upgraded my adobe cloud storage to 1TB, and started the migration process of my library.


      The first few times I used Lightroom CC, it worked very, very well. Scrolling was quick and thumbnails generated very very quickly. I actually enjoyed using lightroom!

      Now, a few weeks after beginning migration, I'm at my wits end and no longer have a workable solution to develop and process my photo library. Lightroom CC is currently unusable, and Lightroom classic is slow, resource-heavy, and impractical. Here's my issues.



      • Despite initially leaving the computer on and connected to the internet for ~24 hours following the migration, with a 200+ mbit internet connection, my relatively small library (10k images, 850ish GB) has still not fully backed-up. It's tough to leave it on during the day, as "Adobe Lightroom CC Sync Utility" commits about 85-99% memory (between 5-14.4GB actually being used) but does not actually transmit anything over network.
      • The Sync utility also completely monopolizes the actual lightroom program, rendering me unable to view images, make adjustments, or export images whatsoever. Beginning a task such as saving an image out places a "preparing" status notification and bar, but it does not progress.
      • The Sync utility also monopolizes disk allocation, usually hovering around 20-60% or higher.
      • Force-Quitting the sync utility "unfreezes" Lightroom, but adjustments do not save to images. Adjusting an image with sync utility still running, and backing out to view another image, produces a "spinning" loading graphic in the center of the screen and only goes away when sync utility is force-quit
      • Cannot see cloud storage availability or usage in menus of lightroom - views appear with zero information
      • Lightroom CC and classic both crash under normal use


      I'm in my holiday crunch and am being made very uncomfortable with the issues I'm encountering - any advice or assistance is greatly appreciated.