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    Can't Install AIR-based application

      I'm using Flex Builder 3 (OSX 10.5) and AIR Runtime 1. Can play my app in Flex just fine without errors/warnings. Publish to AIR file and it won't install on any of 3 windows boxes I've tried. I can install the same AIR app on Mac OSX (on which I'm running Flex) just fine.

      Exact error experienced comes after you tell it where to install & to create shortcut, etc. Gett this: "Sorry an error has occurred. The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author. Error# 0" [CLOSE]

      I suspected a corrupt project or something since a new MXML app with just a hello world text box in it wouldn't install either, though it too played fine in Flex.

      Created new project & could install hello world app published from there. Copied all key src into new project & exported Release Build but once again this wouldn't install on Windows. Deleted all src except for hello world text file and now it won't install.

      Tried publishing Release Build from another mac with Flex Builder 3 and got same issue.

      Tried uninstall/reinstall AIR runtime on windows box (as well as latest install on a different windows box) and that didn't help.

      The weirdest thing is that all of this worked fine yesterday and Release Builds published then still install on the windows machines.
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          realitytheorist Level 1
          Tracked down the issue. Apparently I had a folder which accidentally had a period (.) at the end of the folder name. This didn't cause any hijinx on Mac OSX's HFS+ file system, but lost its period (i'm assuming) on the windows machines I was trying to install in. I can only assume it did a crosscheck to ensure all files copied, saw the mismatch, and threw the error.

          Certainly the error should be more descriptive or the export Release Build function should have seen it as a cause for alarm during publish.