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    upgrade to Photoshop CC 2018 problems


      I recently upgraded to CC 2018.  Now the new upgrade crashes.  When I go from Camera Raw to PS, the program freezes and I have go into task master to close the program.  I have uninstalled and re-installed 3 times and it continues to crash.  I need help.  What I really want is to get CC 2017 back, but that probably will not happen.  I hope some out there can help.

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          DelphiZoa Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Matsquare,


          Try going to Photoshop Preferences > Camera Raw (at the bottom of the menu) and uncheck "Use Graphics Processor". This typically bypasses the issue you describe without any reduction in performance.


          If that doesn't resolve things, it will help us troubleshoot if you can provide a bit more information. Let us know what operating system you are using. Also, are you updated to the most recent version Camera Raw as well as Photoshop?


          By the way, you can certainly go back to CC2017 if you want to. Instructions are here: Download and install Creative Cloud apps.

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            I cannot open any version of Photoshop now. Once I open any version, mac OS (10.11.6) starts to act up. I cannot force quit anything and many of the Mac OS utilities will not function. I have un-installed all versions of photoshop many times now, but each time the same problem comes up. I have also used the Adobe cleaning tool and done so from the administrative account.


            We are running the latest version of Camera Raw.


            I cannot load or run any version of photoshop any longer. The creative Cloud app has also been buggy, dropping the connection, etc. I have reloaded that software too.


            Can you please offer some help to get it back up and running.



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              I am having the same problem with Photoshop freezing.  If I try to use the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop, it freezes.  I can edit from Lightroom, but it freezes once I export it to Photoshop.  This all began when I updated to 2018.  I did not have any problems with 2017.  I don't think we are alone. 

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                DelphiZoa Adobe Community Professional

                Hi Colourz123,


                This sounds like a more in depth problem than what Matsquare is experiencing. If you haven't already, I would recommend starting a new discussion on the forum in which you describe the issue. That will allow it to come to the full attention of the community, who can then bring their expertise to bear.

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                  D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  As said above: Go into Camera Raw Preferences (accessible from Bridge if you can't open Photoshop), and uncheck "Use Graphics Processor".

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                    DelphiZoa Adobe Community Professional

                    You are not alone. It is an issue with GPUs and CC2018. The fix I describe above bypasses the problem for most people. Making sure your graphics processor is up-to-date can also help. If neither resolves things for you, post a reply with your specific system information and whatever else you can tell us about what's going on (beyond what you've already stated, of course), and we'll try to help.

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                      I was having same issue. un-installed 2018 version and reinstalled 2017. Same issue. Next I opened 2017 again, went to edit>Camera raw and unchecked use Graphics unit at the bottom of the dialog box. Opened a file in camera raw, then opened it in 2017. Worked fime.


                      Way to go ADOBE. Now I am trying it with 2018 version. We'll see!