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    fade sound distortion

    Cliff Johnson
      While using ActionScript to play a sound and then using GetVolume/SetVolume to incrementally fade out the sound, I'm discovering that if I subtract -1 from the current GetVolume value, then will the sound fade out smoothly and perfectly. Yet then if I use -2 as a value, I can start to hear faint distortions of the sound as it fades, and at -5 or more, I hear distinct distortions of the sound as it fades.

      On top of that, it is not consistent, sometimes the sounds will fade out perfectly as expected, regardless. And other times, the sounds will fade out with noticeable popping and clicking type distortions. Again, the phenomenon begins only when I subtract values greater than 1.

      Does anyone else experience this? Does anyone have any thoughts on what else might be going on?

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          clbeech Level 3
          nope never really had this problem regardless of the increment. it may be a couple of different things here - first what type of file are you using (mp3 is best) - what type of 'loop' are you using (onEnterFrame or Interval) and what speed is it running at - also what type of code are you using to increment the value, you mention that you're using 'GetVolume' and then incrementing - I'd just use var as the current level increment the var down and apply setVolume - using a condition to determine is it's at 0 or 100 (going in or out) and then stop the loop.
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            Cliff Johnson Level 1
            Thanks for some good thoughts.

            Yes, I am using mp3 sounds.

            Yes, I am using an incremented variable with SetVolume. (Don't know why I wrote GetVolume.)

            My loop is a rudimentary frame 1 to frame 2 and gotoAndPlay(1) so I tried both onEnterFrame and setInterval to create loops as well. No difference. (I had high hopes for onEnterFrame, too.)

            My Flash speed is 15 fps. Perhaps this is the problem?

            A BIG thing I had not mentioned is that the Flash sound fade is playing inside of Director with the Flash set to "Lock-Step" with Director at 15 fps. Oops.

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              Cliff Johnson Level 1
              Okay. The music sound fade.

              I've taken the Flash out of Director and the Flash now stands on its own. I still get the distortion.

              I've changed the frame rate from 15 to 30 to 60 fps. I still get the distortion.

              I tried fading a new piece of music — NO distortion.

              I test the original music. Distortion. The new music. No distortion.

              Both pieces of music are mp3 — 22 kHz Stereo 16 bit — and both were converted into mp3 using Sound Forge.

              The original music has a lot of bass guitar, a low throbbing rhythm. The new music is more fully instrumental.

              Could different instrumental types of music be causing the problem? That doesn't seem likely. Perhaps the original format of each piece of music prior to conversion into mp3 is the problem. I dunno.

              Any other thoughts are appreciated.