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    Slooow Build time

    jlopes151 Level 1

      Flex3 take 10min to build my project, some times 5 just to save a change
      My environment

      WinXP 2g ram
      Flex 3
      Eclipse 3.3
      The Eclipse CFG
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          Mitek17 Level 1
          What about the project itself?

          Flex does not like big things, you have to break it up into smaller libraries, then it recompiles only the required bits, not the whole thing.

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            jlopes151 Level 1
            So I'll have to put some things into RLS?

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              jlopes151 Level 1
              So I'll have to put some things into RLS?

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                Mitek17 Level 1
                Not necessary to RSLs - just a libraries with external linkage.

                After I refactored my project from into a number of libraries the compilation time dropped from 4-5 minutes to 20-40 seconds.

                And later, I converted the libraries into RSLs, but the goal there was only to decrease the loading time.

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                  JKohn99 Level 1
                  A couple of other tricks that I use to minimize build time:

                  1st: turn off auto build of the work space.
                  2nd: Limit the number of "applications" that are in the project properties. Even if you have 3 or 4 apps in one project your usually only working on one at a time.
                  3rd: Use the eclipse working set feature to limit what you build. This is also a handy way to reduce your naviagtor clutter if you have a large work space.
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                    jlopes151 Level 1
                    Everyone thanks for the help:

                    Here's what I found and its ok to laugh, hit your head for forgetting this.

                    In the project properties there is the Flex Modules option were all .mxml files you want to build you put them there. Well I had 15 - 20. Once I took them out my builds now take less than a minute.

                    Why did I have so many .mxml files in the Flex Module option. I'm new to Flex, changes to .mxml were not showing up in builds, nor was the .mxml showing up in the bin-debug folder. Once I put this file in the Flex Module option I got the changes in future builds. I have since found out there are a few ways that a file wont get built, 1. that Flex IDE builds sometimes find an error in the files and if missed, the file wont get built ( developer error ). 2. Flex IDE finds an error but, the error doesn't show as a problem.

                    This doesn't show up using the command line builds.
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                      you also might want to consider building with ant,

                      my project with about 30 action script files and generating 4 swf files takes around 10 seconds to build after I change one of the mxml files. I don't expect that value to increase unless I modify a shared components that is used in all mxml files. It takes 30 seconds to build from the ground up.