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    Pre upgrade questions


      Hello, I currently use LR5 which is working just fine for me.

      I want to add Bridge to my workflow and understand it's only avail. With a CC subscription.

      So, if I move to CC or Classic CC can I use the cloud storage to hold my catalog and still keep my image files on a local Drive ?

      And the same for what I assume is the Bridge catalog? Or does the Bridge catalog integrate with the LR one?

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          Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, you can keep a copy of your photos on your computer whichever app you use. Bridge is a file browser, but there's no integration with Lightroom's catalog. What are you hoping to accomplish by adding Bridge?

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            tombran Level 1

            Hi Victoria,

            I'm considering adding Bridge to my workflow because I find the organization in LR to be confusing.

            i've been using LR for many years and the library has always been an issue. Reading the lit. on Bridge drew my attention because it seems to be more intuitive. I may change my mind but I wanted to give it a look. I'm embarking on a DAM organization of my various libraries onto new drives. I will use ShotPut pro to move the orig. files, but it's where to go from there that I'm thinking about.


            Thanks for your response, Tom

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              Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Ok, what you can do is in Lightroom, select all of the photos and go to Metadata menu > Write Metadata to Files. That'll make *some* of Lightroom's metadata available to Bridge. Use it to take a look round, but understand that Lightroom won't know about the changes unless you select the photos you've changed and go to Metadata menu > Read Metadata from Files (and even then, only some data is shared that way).

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                tombran Level 1

                Thanks again for your response it was most helpful I'll check into it but I got to be honest, I'm looking to alien skin and capture one too because I'm just not happy with adobe. Moving all my Raw files to new drives and really getting them organized presents an opportunity to start fresh. Thanks again