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    Help with missing Xtras in PC movie download

    onefiftymph Level 1
      I haven't worked in Director in years and I'm having trouble making a dxr movie play correctly for PC. I work on Mac and have to drive to Kinkos to rent a PC and test. Upon opening the stub projector, theres an error about "..text Xtra ..missing...or something like that, didn't write it down, sorry). Then it opens, but has weird lines and a Quit button cast member displays as only a rectangle line (but works to Quit anyway)

      Here are the files in the zipped folder:

      Hello.exe (stub projector)

      Xtras folder includes:


      If you want to check it out here , i'd appreciate it. (4mgs) This is 1 frame test movie with a picture, a single line of live text and a quit button.

      Maybe I don't have all the Xtras I need? The Xtra files I'm using here came from a movie I made in the Nineties and distributed on CD (I'm converting it to a web download) Are these Xtras up-to-date? Is there another thats missing that one of you guys could help me get? Are there any old ones I can get rid of? Is what i'm describing i see what you see also?

      Also, I just made a Windows projector that I'm going to test. Is there any advantage to using a stubprojector/dxr setup like this vs. a projector for a web download movie like this? Like more compatiblility with older computers?

      thanks for helping me!