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    Flash player with Opera

    barbarak11830498 Level 1

      I use Opera  on Windows 10 64 bit.  I play games which require flash like Farmville but I don't know if i need the stand alone flash player or not since I was told that Opera has its own build in flash. I am able to play farmville but  I have tried to download the flash player but every time I check it on the adobe site it says its not installed but it shows up in my control panel. How am I suppose to change settings and delete websites I have visited from the Website Storage Settings panel when it tells me I need flash in order to use it.  The adobe website to check to see if flash is installed says I don't have it but it appears in my control panel.  Do I actually need the stand alone version if I have Opera.  Could you please clear this up.  Thank you.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Opera does not embed Flash Player, Google Chrome and IE and Edge on Windows 8.x/10 do, but not Opera.

          Opera is a fork of Chromium and recently implemented Flash click-to-play, which forces users to 'allow' Flash for each site.  The implementation for this can vary by site.  For example. if you go to https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html and click 'Check Now', the widget may indicate Flash Player is either not installed or not enabled.  Click the 'Adobe Flash Player download' link displays the info bar asking if the user wants to enable Flash for the site:



          Alternatively, enable Flash via Opera Settings:

          1. Launch Opera
          2. Navigate to settings
          3. In the menu on the left, select Websites
          4. Locate the Flash section and click Manage Exception button link
            • Alternatively, skip steps 2-4 and go directly to opera://settings/contentExceptions#plugins
          5. In the Hostname pattern field enter helpx.adobe.com and in the corresponding drop-down menu, select Allow
          6. click Done to close the Manage Exceptions window


          If you've enabled Flash and it's still not working, it's possible Chrome's Site Engagement Index for the page is too low.  Since Opera is based on Chromium, the same Flash Player click-to-play settings from Chrome translate over to Opera.  See the following for more information:  Site Engagement - The Chromium Projects, https://www.ghacks.net/2016/12/11/google-chrome-html5-roll-out-plan/ , Google Groups 

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            barbarak11830498 Level 1

            Thank you for your answer however following the directions you gave me I am still unable to use the global settings. I thank you for your time and quick response.

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              please provide the direct link to the content you are attempting to view.

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                barbarak11830498 Level 1

                Still have not been able to get passed this problem. Zynga doesn't seem to know what they are doing and have no solution Hopefully we can get this problem fixed as I have 400 friends I play this game with and have been for the last 6 years. This is the link I am having trouble with (apps.facebook.com/onthefarm) but you can not access it as its a facebook game and you have to have a password.  The game is farmville. I have images of the problem i am having.  When I go to the link I can not get passed this video popup. The directions it is giving me is for chrome I'm on Opera.  FLASH 1.jpgFLASH 2.jpglittle circle 3.jpgnot secure 4.jpgsecure connection 5.jpgrefresh page 6.jpgflash exceptions 7.jpg

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                  maria__ Adobe Employee

                  Opera is based on Chromium, and thus, many of the Chrome features are applicable to Opera.


                  Which Windows 10 Version and OS build do you have?  To obtain the version and OS build, see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/13443/windows-which-operating-system

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                    barbarak11830498 Level 1

                    Here is the information you requested. I was able to get rid of that window but it went away itself. A few other were having the same problem and they say it keeps coming back and they have to wait it out sometimes taking 24 hrs. I don't want to keep going through this. I was going to contact Chrome and Opera about it but i have no idea how to even message them as I could not find anything whatsoever on the net to do so. Hoping to get some answers. Thank you.




                    Edition: Windows 10 Home

                    Version: 1703

                    OS Build: 15063.726

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                      jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                      The messages you're pointing to in comment 4 about the page being secure have nothing to do with Flash Player. 


                      Chrome is letting you know that while the page was served over an encrypted channel, code on the page (i.e. either Facebook or Zynga's code) is attempting to load additional child assets over an unencrypted channel. 


                      This is bad practice, and Chrome blocks it, because they (as do we) prioritize security over user experience.


                      This is ultimately Zynga's bug to fix.  Both Chrome and Flash Player build the fundamental underpinnings that make things like in-browser games possible, but it's up to content developers to actually implement things correctly.


                      There's not much you can do personally, beyond clearing your cache (to ensure you're getting the latest of whatever is served from Zynga's servers).  My suspicion is that this was probably resolved quickly (Zynga is constantly revising their web content), but because your computer caches content for a period of time (this minimizes load time for you, and server CPU and bandwidth costs for Facebook and Zynga), people probably weren't getting the corrected content until the cache expired (and one update per day seems pretty reasonable on that front).