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    How to change the 'Show' label at the top of a CS Help window?

    JamesM1280 Level 1

      Hello, I'm wondering if you can help me. We are using Robohelp 2015 to author HTML webhelp and context-sensitive help for one of our applications. The webhelp and CS help content was originally authored in Robohelp 8, and we have since upgraded to RH2015. My issue is with the 'Show' link in the top left corner of the CS help windows. Its purpose is to display the TOC, index and search functionality. Feedback from our users indicated that this wasn't evident by the word 'Show', so in RH8 I was able to change the text to something less cryptic.


      However, now in RH2015 I can't figure out where to edit that text. Since it was several years ago that I changed it, I can't remember where the control is either. I'm hoping someone on here knows where I can change the text.

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