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    Lightroom CC iOS crash and data loss


      hi all,


      I would like to know whether there are any solutions for a serious problem I experienced with Lightroom CC on iOS. I am using the latest update of the app on iOS 11 with an iPhone 7 Plus.


      Today, when I attempt to shoot a picture using Lightroom, the app crashed and upon the next launch, all pictures are gone and it requests username and password. I tried several different accounts before I finally find the right one, during my several attempts of log on, I can see the local storage data usage in the app, but all data is automatically deleted when I finally logged on. These are some 18 gigabytes of photos and many of them are the only available copy. I am extremely desperate now because I took these photos during my first trip to Europe and they are simply precious. Please help me out with any available means to correct this. Thanks.