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    All menu elements and preferences are not displaying properly


      My company switched me over to a Microsoft Surface Book and after a clean install of CC for some reason I can't get Photoshop to work properly. First the preference section, all the texts are not displaying, than I have noticed all the drop-down menu and rulers are also not displaying properly thus making it really difficult to navigate or use. I have tried troubleshooting as much a I can but not yielding any success. PLEASE HELP!


      Surface Book Spec:

      3000 x 2000 display (dock/replicator to run dual screen @ 1920x1080)

      Intel i7 and 2 GB (Nvidia 965 dGPU)


      Troubleshoot: (without success)

      - Uninstalled and removed all preferences - Reinstall PS

      - Installed legacy versions of PS

      - Tried changing windows display resolution from 3000x2000 to 1920x1080

      - Changed/adjusted PS UI scale from (AUTO, 100% & 200%)


      Here is a screen shot of PS!

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