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    CC 2018 constantly crashing Windows 10

    mattf32523965 Level 1

      Until the CC 2018 update, I was running CC 2017 on my Windows 10 PC (3.0 ghz, 8 GB RAM) without any problems. IMMEDIATELY after updating to CC 2018, I have had continual Windows 10 crashes, sometimes requiring 2-3 reboot attempts. I noticed that Photoshop had an update to rectify crashing, but so far that update has made no difference. Of course, I usually am using InDesign much more often than Photoshop, though I normally have both (along with Illustrator) open at all times. I called Adobe tech support, and of course his diagnosis was that it is a Windows problem and that CC 2018 has nothing to do with the Windows crashes. Can someone please explain the logic of this? Again, to reiterate: CC 2017 -> No problems   CC 2018 -> continual Windows crashes  …thanks!


      Matt F.