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    CC 2018 constantly crashing Windows 10


      Until the CC 2018 update, I was running CC 2017 on my Windows 10 PC (3.0 ghz, 8 GB RAM) without any problems. IMMEDIATELY after updating to CC 2018, I have had continual Windows 10 crashes, sometimes requiring 2-3 reboot attempts. I noticed that Photoshop had an update to rectify crashing, but so far that update has made no difference. Of course, I usually am using InDesign much more often than Photoshop, though I normally have both (along with Illustrator) open at all times. I called Adobe tech support, and of course his diagnosis was that it is a Windows problem and that CC 2018 has nothing to do with the Windows crashes. Can someone please explain the logic of this? Again, to reiterate: CC 2017 -> No problems   CC 2018 -> continual Windows crashes  …thanks!


      Matt F.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the logic from adobe's perspective is that cc 2018 works without problem/crashes on updated win 10 os'es. 


          you can see if there is a win 10 update for your system.


          if that fails, you can start in safe mode and see if your system crashes,


          and if that fails, you can check your crash logs.

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            mattf32523965 Level 1

            Thanks for your input kglad…and yes, my Win 10 is up to date…I have automatic updates. So Adobe's take is that CC 2018 works on all Win 10 PC's except mine…lol! For now, I reverted back to CC 2017…no problems. I'll just use 2017 for now, thank you.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              no, not all.  but it works when installed on a clean computer with up-to-date win 10.


              as you probably know, all windows os'es get more and more corrupt with time.  and there are any number of other programs you could have (esp, av, antimalware and cleaners) that could be causing the crashes on your particular computer.  (starting in safe mode allows you to determine which of those two problems apply to you.)


              and you're welcome.

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                mattf32523965 Level 1

                Yes, good points, thank you. I acknowledge that Windows 10 very may well be the culprit after all, but it's just bizarre that it is messing with CC 2018 but not CC 2017. So right, probably my best option is to perform a clean re-install of Win 10…ugh!

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  yeah, i absolutely concur with your sentiment about backing up, reformatting, reinstalling win 10, reinstalling software and backed up data.  something to do when you have no need of a computer for hours and are in a (very) patient mood.

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                    Same thing is happening to me.......very frustrating and I don't have time to rebuild my computer I have too many apps on that I use.

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                      jmzimmerle Level 1

                      This is nonsense - CC2018 products (particularly Illustrator and InDesign) crash often on Win 10 machines that have no other problems with any other software product.  The Adobe excuses and lack of responsiveness or pitiful.  Unfortunately I have had to reinstall CC2017 versions to get things to work.  Please - don't try to blame things on the OS when it is clearly an Adobe problem.

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                        Relius Level 1

                        I'm glad I found this thread.  I just received a brand new laptop at work running Win 10.  I installed the trial versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign while waiting for my permanent version to check the updates since an older version.  But after spending the day sending crash reports, I'm seriously rethinking not having my company lay out the bucks for CC2018.  I thought Adobe would have its act together by now, but apparently not.  I sincerely hope that Adobe addresses this problem quickly!

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                          i had the same Problem with After Effects and the Media Encoder.
                          The solution was to change or register "After Effects" an "Media Encoder"  in our AntiVirus-Software from Trend Micro and it worked.

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                            March 29/2018... same problem crashes every 10 minutes or so and Im at work on a new build PC windows 10 64 20gb ram...Flash pro works fine but Animate crashes consistently. I have cloud and After Effects Illustrator etc all work fine...Animate is the problem not Windows

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                              shashinjin Level 2

                              Lightroom crashes every ten mins. And don’t tell me I have to update my iOS. This is on a brand new machine I built myself with the latest graphics drivers, compatible graphics card, etc. I even disabled graphics acceleration in LR preferences but still get the crashes. If it was only LR that crashed, I’d feel less aggrieved but it takes down the entire machine.


                              I built this PC in order to run LR much faster than on my MacBook. The irony is that although it runs like lightning, it now crashes so regularly that my overall workflow is about the same speed. Adobe’s inability to make software compatible with the world’s leading OS seems to reflect a very lax attitude to me.

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                                Badducoder Level 1

                                I have windows 10 freshly installed because of After effects, and specs of my pc-

                                8gb ram

                                i7 7th gen

                                4GB nvidia 1050


                                And no other softwares installed other than-

                                After effects

                                Media encoder

                                7zip(if you need backup to blame other soft)


                                Now please guide me. Should I buy new laptop?

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                                  firstmediajam Level 1

                                  I found these settings in msconfig fix this. You can also have the updates on, that's not the issue.

                                  This is a bit annoying since it's probably a programmed crash. Isn't that harmful to the hardware?



                                  So the previous comment about malware protection and virus software is also supported by what I found, these two might get blocked by some security software.

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                                    Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                    8gb ram is a little bit on the low end, but it should work.

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                                      I read this thread with interest. I have been using premiere elements 12 for a a number of years for home video's here in the UK.

                                      Some months ago I was getting a lot of crashes, the dreaded blue window. I use windows 10 and not being clever enough to sort it out myself took it to the shop who recently upgraded my computer to handle 4K video's with ease. They couldn't find out what was exactly causing the problem although I knew it was Adobe. They had to re-install everything and it was now working, however after just 2 sessions using Adobe I find my system has crashed again. To read that Adobe does not accept any responsibility with a number of people saying the same thing I find unacceptable. I have uninstalled my Adobe 12 and so far all seems good although of course it has not solved my problem. I thought if I purchased 18 that might be the solution, until I found this thread. What to do now I wonder??