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    Active subscription that is says has expired

    SVShooter Level 1

      I have an active Adobe Create Cloud Photography subscription.  If I go out to the Adobe site and manage my account I can see that it is an active one year plan and will renew (paid monthly) in the next week.   I can look at activated devices and see both my Laptop and Desktop active.  Something weird started happening today though.   All the sudden, light room on my Mac Laptop shows a banner across the top that says "Action Required: Your subscription has expired" and has a button that says subscribe.  The sync status shows I am logged in but sync is disabled.


      If I click on the Subscribe button, it takes me out to the Adobe site where I log in and it show what I mention above. I have an active subscription.  It even shows my laptop as being activated again today.  So it is talking to the server.


      I have logged out, logged back in.  Restarted and logged in. Everything I can think of short of blowing it away and resyncing everything.  I have 750GB in a 1TB adobe cloud, so I would prefer not to do this again. 


      Any ideas?