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    PDF corrupted text - Photoshop CC v19.0

    skartz Level 1

      I am writing a file to a PDF with the latest version of Photoshop CC running OS X Sierra and all special characters are being substituted with a different special character. For example: em dash is getting subsituted with the double-dagger, ellipsis is being substituted with the upside-down question mark, Registered trademark is being substituted with the Copyright symbol. The font being use is Myriad. The issue is not present in previous version of Photoshop. If I print to a PDF file, it looks normal but the problem is the text is no longer selectable...it gets rasterized.


      And, if I try to copy and paste the text from the generated PDF into another document such as Word or an HTML file, this is what I get...


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      Here is a side-by-side comparison (photoshop on the left/generated pdf on the right).

      Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.40.44 PM.png


      Does anyone know what's going on?