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    Can LR CC Import Original iPhone Files in addition to Edited Ones?

    g32291836 Level 1

      I would like my Lightroom CC to automatically import both the original iPhone photo as well as the edited one, if a photo is taken using, for example, the Portrait mode. Both files are there on the phone, and can be accessed if I directly connect my phone to my Lightroom Classic. I'd like to get to them on my Lightroom CC. Right now, CC only pulls over the edited one. Is there some way to make CC add the original file without having to save a copy? That way CC would automatically import both into Classic for me. Or is there some workaround? Right now, in order to get originals into Classic, I have to plug in my phone. Classic already has all the edited versions from auto-import, but it still thinks the edits in the phone are "new" so I have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out which ones are original files of Portrait-type to import manually and avoid a lot of duplication. Alternatively, is there a way to tell Classic that the auto-imported ones from CC are not new files if the phone is later plugged in manually? It should know it already has those files. This whole thing makes the auto-import very difficult to use efficiently.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think this is how Apple has designed things for images taken with the dual camera lens. In fact in iOS11 only one image is displayed in the Photos App and it would be necessary to open the files using Image Capture on an iMac or similar desktop computer to see the original and the one with the dof effect. In iOS10 the pair are displayed side by side.  I assume you have camera roll set to auto import into Lr Mobile. I don’t have the iphone 7 or 8 but is there no way to change the setup so that these photos with special effects go into a portraits folder rather than into camera roll?