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    CC 2018 upgrade issues?


      I'm still have significant problems after the CC2018 update.  Currently running Win10.  PS version 19.0  (Just heard 19.01 was released but did not show in my CC Installer)

      Main issues are Keyboard shortcuts for Tools are not working consistently.
      An example is if I select the Brush tool, it sometimes will not change.
      If it does change, and I try to change the Brush size with Bracket keys it reverts back to the previous Tool....or it will change to the Pencil tool.  It's not consistent in how it fails.
      And it's not consistent from log in to log in. ie, it goes beyond Keyboard Tool selection issues.
      Today, I added a text layer, and selected out of the Text highlight.
      And the text displayed in the Layer stack. All normal.  I then wanted to reposition the text with the Move tool.  I pressed the V key and the Move tool selected...but the layer selection moved down a layer, so the entire underlaying Layer moved when I used the tool.
      Other issues include Dodge and Burn tool.  Once it does select the DBTool, when I press the Alt key to change from D to B (or vise versa), it changes to a different tool.

      As well as the Pen Tool.  When I press the space bar to reposition the image...it sometimes changes away from the Pen tool to some random tool.


      As I write this, it dawns on me that maybe I should re-install?  I've not done that yet. And I'm not reading complaints from others with these same issues. 

      Any advice is appreciated.  I've already follow instructions on resetting the tool preset.  Did not work. 

      Thanks everyone.