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    Export From Character Animator to Flash (Animate) or Similar?



      I've been using Adobe Products for Decades, and was doing alot of animating in Flash back in the 90s. / 2000's.

      I am working on a 2D cross platform video game where I'm aiming to have alot of graphic size scaling.

      Using SWF (Flash) vector format exports work perfectly in the game engine for this. (Game Maker Studio 2) .


      I have After Effects CC with Character Animator, and Ideally I'd want to use that for animating my characters, as I've gotten great results with it.

      However... exporting those frames from After Effects then into a Sprite Sheet, then into Illustrator to Image Trace them into Vector format then brought back into Flash and re-ordered back into Flash frames is a seriously daunting process with no space-saving tweens, just single frames.


      that aside,


      I'm wondering if i could take my Illustrator Vector Puppet files into Character Animator, then somehow get JUST a "performance" file(?) exported.. then somehow re-apply that somehow in Flash in order to get a resulting SWF file that would be as if I had just animated it in Flash.


      is there any way to do this? or anything like this on the horizon?



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          not sure why this has no response. But YES, you can import a vector character you created in Illustrator into Character Animator, but when you export it will still be a video (no longer vector, no longer scaleable). But you can then import that video into Animate using a video component, and then trying to match the frame rate of Animate with your exported video.

          Or you can dynamically link Character Animator to After Effects, and import Illustrator files into After Effects to animate.


          Hope that helps.... months late... but since 7 people had the same question....




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