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    Santa Picture Help


      Laney Santa 17-6.jpgLet me start off by saying I no little to no about Photoshop and can edit a photo in Lightroom decently well.  My daughter recently got pictures with Santa taken and well........there are some where she is not smiling or has her eyes partially closed.  My question is, would it be easier/more conducive to research how to do some sort of face swap between two photos or???  Attached is one of the photos.  They took several while we were there.  There is another one where she isn't smiling too much but her eyes are open all the way.  Any help is appreciated.

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          JonathanArias Adobe Community Professional

          there are many ways to do things in photoshop and I am positive others here will have different suggestions.


          i would consider a combination of cutting out the facial expression you liked with the puppet tool to help you mold things on to the face you are pasting things into.


          here is a quick video of how the puppet tool can be used to mold facial features:


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            davescm Adobe Community Professional

            You can go some way to this by


            a. Use face aware in the Liquify filter to make the eyes larger and tilt them and to increase the smile.

            b. Make a copy of the image. Flipping it horizontally and moving it over the other face (reduce opacity to 50% while moving so you can position it).

            c. Then put opacity back up to 100%, add a layer mask set to hide all.

            d. Paint on the mask with a soft white brush to reveal the upper layer so the mouth and eyes match side to side.


            Or, if you have a better face picture take a look at this from Jesus Ramirez (an ACP on these forums) on how to replace a face in an image.

            Swap Faces In Photoshop - YouTube