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    Trying to print full bleed/borderless--Art is getting cut off or printing a small border

    AnthonyVWheeler Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm a relative photoshop noob--everything i've been learning is either from youtube or these forums.  I'm using Photoshop CC and an Epson Sure Color P600 (sort of high end printer that can print up to 13x19) to print my work on.  I'm an illustrator trying to make prints of my work.


      I've been scanning my original artwork and setting the image size to 11x14 inches in PS.  When I go into print settings i set the size of the paper to 11x14 inches under Paper Settings and do the same thing in Page Layout (Paper size set to 11x14 and Output Paper to Same as Paper Size).  Borderless printing is checked under Main and User Defined Paper Size.


      My issue is that my prints are being slightly enlarged and portions of the art are getting cut off.  I've tried messing with Expansion--Retain Size seems to still slightly enlarge the print or misaligns leaving a small white border on the very right side of the print or on the top (i've been making sure the paper is getting loaded correctly).  If I choose Auto Expand from Max to Min, I still run into alignment issues and at times the art is too big for the paper or a white bar appears on the right hand side of the paper.


      I've tried bumping the Position under Position and Size but its not perfect.


      A question I have--if my image size is 11x14 and my output paper size is the same, how come the printer can't just print exactly what is on screen from photoshop?  Am i missing a setting somewhere?  If i'm not, what else can i try? 


      Happy to share examples of the prints and continue the dialogue!


      Many thanks to all!