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    Correct Color Calibration


      I have been having some trouble with printing my photos for some time now! I use LR to upload from my camera, which are RAW images. I do small editing there. Then I load on to PS and do my major edits there. I save them and they look the way I want. Then when I send them off to be printed, they come back looking totally different. Colors aren't as vibrant, not as bright, and just all in all, duller. Defiantly not worthy to give to clients! I do my editing on my HP laptop. I have collaborated my screen, using the Spyder5. I used MPIX to do some online printing and they told me some settings that I needed to do in order for me to see on my end what they would be seeing on theirs. I didn't think that it should be this complicated! My other photography friends don't have this much trouble!


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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom by default sends to Photoshop in ProPhoto RGB.


          This is not a good choice for sending out - in fact ProPhoto should never leave your machine. The purpose of ProPhoto is to provide editing headroom while you work, but it requires a fully color managed end-to-end chain from source to final destination.


          You might get away with Adobe RGB, but if you don't know how the file will be treated, sRGB is always the safest choice.


          You can either convert to sRGB in Photoshop (Edit > Convert to Profile), or, perhaps better, change Lightroom's preferences for External Editing.