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    export problem

    pschefz Level 2

      so i need to export about 1000 images (right now rated and sorted by date in LR CC) as full size jpegs.....that would not necessarily be an issue but i need to be able to keep that order after export....but LR CC drops them in a folder in which they are ordered by name, by date does not work because LR CC creates new jpegs....

      so I guess i can do this from LR classic.....i installed classic and turned sync on.....45 min later i have 420 images synced, with the LR classic folder taking up 5gb so far.....since i have no way of syncing only the album i want, i have to do everything which means 100,000+ images.....even if i knew how long that would actually take, i don't think i have enough space for this LR classic folder and the files aren't even supposed to be local!

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          pschefz Level 2

          so i solved my problem by:

          uninstalling LR classic

          deleting my old catalog(s) all migrated anyway

          re-installing LR classic (turning sync off)

          exporting all files from LR CC as originals with settings

          importing those originals into a new catalog in classic

          exporting re-named files from classic

          also then deleted al those exported originals from classic to avoid any duplicates....


          i think i might keep classic around for things like this and tethered shooting....after a shoot/session import everything into LR CC and delete from classic....


          really hoping for an update to LR CC soon, fixing basic things like pasting settings to multiple files, more mature export options and a tether plug in.....and curves of course:)