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    Fonts not rendering correctly on web viewers - how to fix?

    tatianat77658918 Level 1

      Hi everyone. Part of my job is to create ebooks and guides to draw in leads and potential clients.


      I export from InDesign and then use Distiller to optimize the file. I thought the problem was that I may have been using an unembeddable font (Hind originally) but even after switching to a basic font like Arial it seems to be giving me the same problem, even if its not as obvious as it was with the previous font.


      Basically, some sentences seem to always be a different font weight when viewed on a web viewer. Here are some examples:







      Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 9.44.31 AM.png



      I have searched high and low to find solutions and similar questions being asked but they are always answered as how the OP can fix the viewing issue for themselves. I don't want that. This is for an audience. I want to know how I can create and optimize a PDF that will have no issues being viewed on any web viewer by other people. I know this is possible because all of our competitors' PDFs look just fine. I'm a junior designer and I don't want my inexperience to be to the detriment of my company.


      Thank you very much. For what it's worth, I'm only having this viewing problem on Macs...looked just fine on the two PCs I tested it out on.