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    Question of compatible computer specs with creative cloud


      Hi, I was thinking about buying a new computer, Lenovo Legion Y520T, and want to know if it is compatible and runs smoothly on adobe creative cloud? The computer has the specs of: 8 gb of ram (ddr4 sdram), ssd 256 gb, and a 1tb hdd secondary harddrive, i5-7400 processor (quad-core, 3 ghz) and a Nvidia Geforce 1050 Ti graphical card (4gb) and windows 10 home operating system 64-bit. Will this work with adobe creative cloud? I will be using primarily Photoshop, illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom and a little bit of Premier. for video editing. What do you think, is this a good budget computer with good/decent prestanda and compability with these programs and will work on adobe creative cloud? I couldn't read out from the system requirement of these programs if the graphical card that I mentioned above has been tested and is compatible with the creative cloud

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For Premiere Pro, you will need an i7 and at least 16 GB RAM (24 would be better), depending upon what type of media you will be editing, for smooth operation.

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            RjL190365 Level 5

            The i5-7400 is far from ideal for a video editing system since it has only four processing threads. In fact, it is actually slower (performance-wise) than a six-year-old Sandy Bridge i7-2600 CPU, based on its maximum Turbo boost clock speed of only 3.3 GHz with all four cores in use.


            And 8GB is the absolute minimum amount of RAM that's required to even run the later versions of Premiere Pro at all. But just because Premiere starts and launches does not mean that you will be able to do much, if anything, within that program. And if your CPU has integrated graphics, even if such capability is disabled in the BIOS or EFI, you might not be able to even start Premiere Pro at all if the system has only 8GB of RAM installed because such graphics, even when unused, steal a small portion of the system RAM for itself and therefore making that portion of the RAM completely unavailable for anything else.


            And for Photoshop, the i5-7400 is also not very good for that: Its 4-core maximum Turbo clock speed and its base clock speed are both too low.


            In other words, that CPU is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to performance in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs.