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    Get current date/time? Use them in hidden field?

    EvolvedDSM Level 2
      I've got an app that works as a reception log for clients coming in our agency. The receptionist logs each client's name into our log database. Currently we have to manually enter the date and time for the visit. I'd like this to be automatic when the client info form submits.

      Right now the form and the database table contain a date field and a time field along with other fields about the client. The receptionist has to enter both date & time fields on the form and then submit it. This inserts a new record in the database. I'd like the date field and time field to automatically correspond to the current date and time, and have the fields hidden. When the form submits, the app sends the current date and time to the db table. Also, I need the date format as mm/dd/yyyy if anyone knows how to format it like this.

      Any help is appreciated