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    Getting Layers on a PDF of a CAD drawing




      I have PDF of an AutoCAD drawing with many layers on it. When I go to the layers panel, none of the layers show up. I don't have the original CAD drawing and I would like to know how I can turn on and off layers to view properties on the drawing better. Is there a way to do this? I am using Adobe Reader and for some reason, it will not show me the layers.



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          Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

          What you need is a tool to expose the Layers, if they exists at all. Just because they are in the AutoCAD drawing doesn't mean they translated. But you can use a script to expose them if they exists. 


          First, download the "Reader Debugger Window" tool from this website:Free Acrobat Automation Tools


          Just install the "JSDebugger.js" file. Ignore everything else in the zip file. It's for older versions of Reader.

          Installation instructions are here: Instructions for Installing Folder Level Scripts (Automation Tools) and Plug-ins


          Close and ReOpen Reader, you should now have a new Category of tool on the Right Side Panel in Reader, "Add-Ons".  Click on the button in this new panel to display the Acrobat JavaScript Console.


          Enter and execute this code:



          This will expose layers, if they exist.


          Alternatively there is a tool that does this for you that you can download from here, but you have to be a member: Search Downloads

          The tool is named Show/Hide OCG in Panel, because Layers are really OCGs