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    What is the best way to move multiple pages around in a document?

    ed_101 Level 1

      I'm attempting to automate a timely monthly task that involves taking many pdfs (A, B, C, etc), combining into one document, and then sorting the pages. It is the same order every month, but there is no method for how the pages are sorted.


      For example, the combined document is in the order

      1: A pg1

      2: A pg 2

      3: A pg 3

      4: A4

      5: B1

      6: B2

      7:  B3

      8: C1

      9: D1

      10: D2


      I need the order to be

      1: A1

      2: A2

      3: D2

      4: B1
      5: B2

      6: A4

      7: B3

      8: C1

      9: A3

      10: D1


      The only idea I have is this.movePage(9,2); and so on...but that is rather clumsy and would require a pretty intense set up for the 160 pg document...


      I'm new to JavaScript and Acrobat, so any advice is greatly appreciated!