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    Problem with popup

      Hi... i i'm doing my own css but i have a problem with the PopUp...

      i wanna add a background-Image... to the list that dropdown this popup...

      if any can help me with code i will be thankful
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          Hi Mat,


          i saw your question about creating a popup.


          I would like to creat a popup in a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Profession Version 7 or 8.


          Do you know how to create a popup which is normally invisible, only when the cursor is above a certain term then the popup is getting visible?


          Do you know if it is possible to insert pictures or Power-Point-Screens in a popup on a PDF?


          It would be great if you could help me!!


          Please send me an EMail to:  rubito1@gmx.de


          Thanks for your help!!