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    {tag_pagecontent} - 3-Tier Breakpoint Template - works everywhere EXCEPT mobile


      I have a 3 Breakpoint template (420px/960px/1130px) in MUSE CC 2018, which is uploaded to BusinessCatalyst.  I'm using the {tag_pagecontent} to populate a template page with the content of the blog of our website.   Ive done it on 3 other websites no problem, and the template works great across all three breakpoints, EXCEPT the mobile BP (420) on this site. It shows the template with a blank {tag_pagecontent} field and won't populate.


      ISSUE SITE  Squisito News


      Other Sites with no issues

      Meatballs Etc. Blog

      Meatballs Etc Blog

      Squisito Blog


      Ive spent HOURS deleting and re uploading the templates, copying from the other sites and overlaying.  BusinessCatalyst says its a MUSE problem, but I've wasted hours on this. I built two of these today.  One worked, the second didn't.