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    Share Video

    BradSopkow Level 1

      Why can’t I share video‘s and/or save them to my camera roll? On the iPad and iPhone Lightroom CC apps when I try to do either they are darked out and can not be selected.


      Can anyone explain or help?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can do this within your Lr web app. Create a gallery for the video, share the link and the clip can be played in any browser.


          Log-in to your Lr web app here:


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            BradSopkow Level 1

            I do not want to share from the web. I want to share from the app directly and immediately like normal. Is this not possible?


            I want to be able to download the video to my phone and then text it to someone just like I would share a video that I had just freshly taken.

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              davefeldman Level 1

              +1 to this. If I'm using LR CC to manage all my photos and videos, then I'd like to be able to share the videos just as I would a photo.

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                Neox99 Level 4

                I shot photos and videos with the iPhone camera and I shoot photos with the Lr Mobile App camera and all are added to camera Roll.

                Photos look fine and videos play as expected.

                Both are synced to my CC ecosystem and play just fine on iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, Desktop Lr CC, Lr CC Web and on Apple TV.

                As far as Share: videos from within the Lr CC Mobile app. Not yet.

                However you can send from the Camera Roll and/or you can just use iMessage, Add the video to a text and send.

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                  selondon Adobe Community Professional

                  Within LrCC iOS you can put them in an Album and  Share a Web Gallery link.


                  The recipient can even download them, although you can only set these preferences in LrCC Web.