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    Fast zoom to specific area

    michaelg90 Level 1



      I use to zoom with combines of CTRL + , CTRL - , but it zoom to the center of the document but not where is the cursor exists.

      I don't want to combines keys CTRL + SPACEBAR for to operate the zoom tool and then click on the left button of the mouse.


      Is there a fast way to do a zoom in / out?




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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Scrubby Zoom:


          Select the Zoom Tool and checkmark the Scrubby Zoom box in the Options bar at the top.


          Click on the part you want to zoom in on and drag the Zoom tool, then drag right to rapidly zoom in, drag left to zoom out.


          I also go into Photoshop Preferences > Tools and uncheck Animated zoom, because I want an instant response and Animated zoom just seems a bit out of control when it keeps going.

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            This trick might be useful. If you are already zoomed in past 'fit to screen' and have the Navigator panel open, press and hold the H key.  This will cause the image to temporarily zoom to 'fit to screen' and you will see an outline of the previous zoomed in state in the navigator panel which you can move to a new location.  Release the H key, and you will instantly zoom in to your new location.  It's a neat trick and is one of Photoshop's Spring-loaded shortcuts.


            Spring Loaded Shortcuts (Available since CS4)