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    Terrible resolution after cropping?


      I have Photoshop Elements 15 and running the newest Windows 10 software on a Dell XPS laptop.


      I have never had an issue with my photoshop not working correctly. I had been working on some photos and was cropping them. I realized that the photos were coming out really blurry, which is unusual since they usually don't. Anyways, I would crop say a 500x900 photo to 200x200, but then it would blow it up to a 1000x1800 photo. But the resolution would super blurry. I don't understand what is going on. I've tried googling for answers. I have restarted my system to see if that would work, it did not. I haven't tried logging in and out of photoshop, and I was going to try a reset all settings, but couldn't find that. So any help would be greatly appreciate.