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    Lightroom CC/ up load existing catalog to cloud




      Where I work we have access to a number of work spaces, we do not have dedicated machines. We do share a network where I can access my images from any of these computers. My issue is that I can not save my catalog to the network.


      How can I take my master catalog and upload it to the adobe cloud so I have access to it from any of these machines?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The short answer to that question is that you can't. You can migrate your catalog to the cloud to use the images with the NEW Lightroom CC, but it IS an all new program in a version 1 state right now that has very limited capability. It doesn't use the catalog as you know it. Images must be migrated from the catalog to the cloud. But if you want to continue using Lightroom Classic CC then you cannot accomplish what you want at this time.