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    How to use SecureAMFChannel?

      Hello everyone,
      While reading Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services ES Developer’s Guide, I use RemoteObject component and the predefined ColdFusion destination in the Remoting-config.xml file distributed with ColdFusion 8 integrated LiveCycle Data Services ES to write the simplest code to test how the channels work.
      When I specify AMFChannel for the channel reference in the ColdFusion destination, everything goes well, but if I only change it from AMFChannel to SecureAMFChannel, the following error always occurs,
      Channel.Security.Error error Error #2048:security sandbox conflict: http://localhost:8500/.../*.swf can’t load data from https://localhost:8500/flex2gateway/cfamfsecure. url:’ https://localhost:8500/flex2gateway/cfamfsecure’.
      I think there must be something I missed.

      Any advice will be appreciated!