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    PKCS11 opensc module in linux




      I am using Adobe Reader 9.5.5 on Debian and I'd like to sign a document with my ePass2003 Crypto token on linux.


      I have a working PKCS11 module in my system that I use for SSH based login with my crypto token. This file is present in my system as /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opensc-pkcs11.so


      Upon proceeding to sign the document using "A device connected to the computer", I'm prompted that the token is not plugged in or not setup.


      I also tried adding the module from "Document-> Security Settings" and choosing "Attach module" under PKCS#11 Tree. Once I select the opensc-pkcs11.so file, I get a message  "Could not load the PKCS#11 module"


      How can I fix this ?