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    Mobile Menu not working

    Uncle Flamin Level 1

      Hi guys,

      i have a number of problems

      1. i need to change default phone width as its too wide presently.

      2. Mobile phone menu doesnt work on my samsung phone.


      Problem 2 is the most urgent right now...i should be able to fix 1 myself.


      When i open website on my samsung galaxy note 5 the mobile menu refuses to work on the default samsung web browser and google chrome browser (ie the lightbox does not appear when user clicks on its trigger)


      It is working on firefox on my phone.


      It also does appear to be working on my iphone 6 plus safari browser just not the andriod phone (with the exception of firefox on android)


      I did not original create this menu, however, i think it is a Composition>Lightbox menu


      URL is https://adamjamesedgar.com.au


      Below are 5 images outlining the issue.

      mobile menu not working 5.png


      mobile menu not working 1.png

      mobile menu not working 2.png

      mobile menu not working 3.png

      mobile menu not working 4.png

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Trying to watch the site I get this on my screen.

          Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-01 um 10.15.21.png


          Best Regards,


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            Uncle Flamin Level 1

            That  warning just means that the website SSL certificate is self signed by my google cloud webserver. Just accept that there is nothing wrong with the site itself and move forward through this (it is a default web browser response to self signed SSL certificates). Once the website is completed, i will add a professional SSL certificate to it which will fix that error you are seeing.


            Alternatively, to access this website without SSL, simply go to the standard http://adamjamesedgar.com.au


            Remember its the mobile phone version that isnt working properly!


            OK...now back to my lightbox menu issue...


            i have worked out that with google chrome web browser, the lightbox works if one "long presses" the trigger instead of just tapping it.


            How do i sort this so tapping works for google chrome browser? (tapping already works for firefox and safari browsers, so im thinking this is a problem with adobe muse itself?)

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              Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional
              1. the url for your site is in fact http://adamjamesedgar.com.au
              2. you are trying to use a lightbox in your Phone layout... many phones don't like lightboxs
              3. you pin [to left browser]... in a phone layout you should pin {to center browser] if you pin at all
              4. your dns is set wrong for the host server you are using


              apart from that is works ok for me on my desktop ff browser and both my windows phones

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                Uncle Flamin Level 1



                1. I spent quite a deal of time configuring and managing webservers...the url for site is both. Whilst i have not created a registrar A record for https, the webserver itself performs that task anyway (so either http or https will work no problem).


                2. If many phones dont like lightboxes, why is it working properly on my android phone using firefox, and also on an iphone using safari? (just not working correctly using android phone with google chrome...so this is not a phone issue)


                3. I am in agreement with this point. Whilst i havent changed this theme from that made by "muse themes", i will fix the "pin to center" cockup they have made at a later point in time. Thanks for noticing this and bringing it to my attention.


                4. dns set to wrong server?


                Its one of my own VPS google cloud servers hosting the website (I have 3 of them, even though anyone can find the public A record, i have hidden last 2 digits of ip address for this VPS).


                TypeDomain NameIP AddressTTL

                Mountain View, California US
                Google Inc. (AS15169)

                24 hrs