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    Help with Vector mask in photo.


      Im working on a photomanipulation and on the picture I have a sky overlaped on my background picture which I have masked out til 90%. When I open the image again and start working on it and Im about to mask out the rest "with brushtool or eraser" there is a opacity or feels like a film that ends up on top of the picture and I can´t get back to where it as before. Would be greatful if anyone knows what it is.


      Skärmavbild 2017-12-01 kl. 11.08.44.png

      Just an example how it looks... Im removing all the whites in this image between the steel.

      As you can see how the "film" lays on top of the image. Am I missing something?

      It should just bring forward the sky in the background.

      I checked all the opacity, layerstyle and so on.. I think.