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    Submitting form based on 2 dropdown selections - Javascript


      Literally a noob when it comes to javascripting. I'm wanting to send a pdf form based on 2 dropdown selections when selecting a submit button. I could be miles out or so close but literally have no idea of what I'm doing at this level. What I achieved so far is from scanning the web. ***Please note I am using a Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


      Dropdown 1 = Head Office and Sub Team

      Dropdown 2 = Constructive and Electrical


      Code iv tried so far but its ignoring my command:


      var Dropdown1 = this.getField("Dropdown1").value;

      var Dropdown2 = this.getField("Dropdown2")value;


      var email = "";


      if ("Dropdown1" == "Head Office" && "Dropdown2" == "Constructive")


      var email = "jasonsdking@me.com, constructive@hotmail.com";



      else if ("Dropdown1" == "Head Office && "Dropdown2" == "Electrical")


      var email = "jasonsdking@me.com, electrical@hotmail.com";



      else if ("Dropdown1" == "Sub Team" && "Dropdown2" == "Constructive")


      var email = "jasonsdking1@me.com, constructive@hotmail.com";



      else if ("Dropdown1 == "Sub Team" && "Dropdown2" == "Electrical")


      var email = "jasonsdking1@me.com, electrical@hotmail.com":





      email = "kingysnewstart@Hotmail.co.uk"



      if (email !="")




      c.URL: "mailto:" + email,

      cSubmitAs: "PDF"





      Currently it attaches to an email addressed to kingysnewstart@Hotmail.co.uk and blanks my commands of picking from the two drop downs. Please note all emails are fake except the personal ones jasonsdking@me.com and Kingysnewstart@Hotmail.com for privacy reasons., and that there will be 20+ emails addresses for each selection.


      It would be ideal if  the title read - SRI: Dropdown1 Option + Dropdown 2 Option, and also that specific fields are filled in before sending (Text box 1 and text box 2)


      Please assist if possible, probably asking a bit to much to be honest.



      Jason King