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    Right click hold issue with Wacom pen (Win10)


      Hello! Using Wacom Intuos Pro and Photoshop CC2018. Single right click is working normally, but holding does not. I'm used to adjusting brush size  holding Alt and right click + moving cursor, though on this new computer it does not work. The adjustment size circle does show up very briefly when single-rightclicked. Haven't touched any settings in Wacom interface/Photoshop. Otherwise tablet works fine. Thanks!

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          Are you using Wondows or Mac.  I have not such problems on windows. There are issues posted about Alt keys function in CC 20918 should be fixed by first update to CC 2018.  You can aslo try usind wacon preferences to chsn POhoroshop botton pen button fro right click to left Alt+Right Click.  On Windows 10 I use Wibtods control panel and configured  pen and touch support. Disable flicks abd presss and hold.

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