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    Text box linking


      So I am trying to create a form that the text boxes link together, and so far ive run into a problem

      I am using this script



      var t1=this.getField ("Name of First Text Box");
      if (event.fieldFull)
      {getField("Name of Second Text Box").setFocus();}


      And while it allows me to link them forward I can not backspace into the first field.


      Is there anything I can do to make them backspace into the first field once in the second?


      I am very new to java and i found this script so any help would be greatly apreciated.

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          Joel_Geraci Adobe Community Professional

          I've been trying to figure this out for over 10 years. Give up. It'll never work the way users will expect it to. You  can't select across the field break, backspace stops at the start of the second field etc.


          Instead, create an input dialog that captures all of the text at once and then do something reasonable to break it up across the fields.

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            Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

            I too have tried to figure this.  The fact is that there are not enough events and event properties so implement it properly.


            Joel has it right. Use a popup response box, custom dialog, or just a big scrolling field to capture the text and then split it up.